Color detector activities

Hi, could anyone advise how to download Color detector activities? Unfortunately I do not see it under Manage Packages. Thank you for your advise

What do you mean by ‘color detector’ activities? Which usecase are you thinking of?

I see you’re using the Excel tag, do you need to find out which color an Excel cell has?

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Welcome to the Community !. Is this the NuGet package you are looking for ?

It is available under the ‘Marketplace’ channel.

If Marketplace channel is not available, the follow these steps to enable it:

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I need to identify image in excel with two different colors one with green and one with yellow. Green is for continue and move to next step and yellow is to stop and close the workbook.

thank you will try that

Can you show us an example Excel file?

You can always use the ColorDetectorActivites but for those you need to have fixed coordinates of your colors or a way to get those coordinates.

Because I think there should be an easier way.

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here is the print screen of xls file. first I execute macro in section Translation status and if EUR ring is Green it should move to next step and run extract however if EUR ring is yellow it should stop and close workbook.

This is how far we’ve come… Building UIs if not whole programs in Excel only to then automate said Excel file…

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure there’s a value somehere (hidden) in the Excel file which tells you the status as well and not only the color. If you can find out if such a value exists and where it is, it’ll be way easier to automate this.

If not, you can try using VBA to access the element (picture) and find out which color it is.

It’s hard to be specific without seeing the file myself, but you probably shouldn’t post your file here :smiley:

Hope that helps…

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