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Hello all, I’m building a UiPath app for my organization and so far so good. However, I have a couple of questions which I need some answers for.

Q1: Tooltips do not appear on any element such as labels. When previewing the app, no info icon id displayed. So, what’s their usage? Are they only meant to be as a hint for internal use only?

Q2: In Studio, I have uploaded a project that contains two workflows to Orchestrator and added it to App Studio. I want one button to perform an action on the main workflow and a second to execute the other workflow only. However, there doesn’t seem to be a place to choose an entry point. I can only run the entire workflow. So, does that mean I have to upload two separate processes?

Q3: I would like to bind and display values stored in Orchestrator Assets. However, there doesn’t seem an option for that. The only resources available are “Pages, Data Context, Processes, Entities, Queues, User, and App variables”.

Q4: In my main page, I have a left sidebar with a dropdown menu which when the user selects, must open the selected page. In order to keep the sidebar static across all pages, I added all the pages under the same container of the main page which is fine. And depending on which page the user chooses, all of the page containers should be hidden, while the one selected should only remain visible. Does anybody know how to write this expression in the hidden field area?

Q5: I’m getting the below error for only of the fields which has type multi-select dropdown.
Invalid format for argument ‘LocationName’: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: [. Path ‘’, line 1, position 1.
The user can pick several locations at the same time. I ran a test and selected only a single location that should display it in a message box right in the beginning of the workflow. This error keeps popping up don’t know why.

Your help is much appreciated. Thanks.


  1. I just tested with tooltip and everywhere when I hover I can see it…can you please verify…even with lbel i did check
  2. You need not upload a two processes from studio…ideally entry points are selected while creating the process from a package in orchestrator…so please create two processes in orchestrator use same package but different entry points as needed
  3. There is no direct component…you need to trigger a process to get assets using api and then display them in app as needed
  4. Use a if condition with If(contains(dropdownvalue,"Valuefortheyabtheconditionisin"),True,False) basically the Valuefortheyabtheconditionisin this will change for each hidden field …here you can use tabs as well
  5. Need a screenshot or more details…looks like the passed value is not proper or so …

Hope this helps


Thanks a lot sir for the prompt response.

Q1: Still cannot see any tooltips. Tried on chrome and Edge browser. Can you show a screenshot how it looks?

Q2: Works 100% now. I did not think of that.

Q3: I have an alternative solution. To store the variable as output in studio and then bind it which should display the result.

Q4: Got it solved. There was an option in Create rule in events that allows to open a page in any container of any page.

Q5: In the list source field, I have like =[“Location 1”, “Location 2”, “Location3” etc…] Value binding is LocationName which is of type string. There’s nothing special in it. Which part of the screenshot do you need?


  1. Here it is
    2,3,4 - I hope solved
  2. I guess the type should be on list/array as multiple values can be selected and they are to be passed


Seems like a button to me rather than a tooltip :sweat_smile:
I was hoping to see something more like this


Nevermind, not a big deal. thx.

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Yes the ui is basic as of now…Need to wait for future releases for more customization around these

Hope now your issues are resolved. Happy Automation :slight_smile:


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