Collecting Text from Browser and Storing in an Array?

How can I store text obtained from a browser, using the ‘get-text’ function and a ‘for-each’ loop, for multiple iterations (e.g., 4 times) , and then display the full array containing all the collected text? @Anil_G @Palaniyappan

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  1. First have a list variable created using assign activity like this

List_output = New List(Of String)

Where list_output is a variable of type System.collections.Generic.List(of String)

  1. Now use a for each loop and inside the loop use GET TEXT Activity and save the value in a variable named Strinput

  2. Inside the same loop use a ADD TO COLLECTIONS activity where mention the item property as Strinput and collections property as list_output

Now all the values obtained will get saved in the collection list variable

Then u can use it as a list or as array by converting to array like this

arr_output = list_output.ToArray()


You can get that as a string like this

Stroutput = String.Join(“-“, arr_output)

Hope this helps

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Hi @GopiKrishnan_Srinivasan

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Try this

Assign: collectedText = collectedText.Concat({currentText}).ToArray


you can use list instead of array

create an listvariable and initialize it new list(of string)

in the for each loop use assign activity


outside the loop use log message


is this you are expecting

but ADD TO COLLECTION is not showing!

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you can also use assign activity


There are many ways to add it a list

Use can search for this append item to collection


Thank You ! I got the desired result

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Then would recommend to close this topic

Cheers @GopiKrishnan_Srinivasan

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