Collect many Data in DataTable in type Array and for use later in program

Here are screen shot what I have already created in my program and what I want to create now. As you can see my robot ask me three times for all necessary data about order to send some emails to the customer. After collect all those data my robot create case and send emails automatically but its working only for one case. Usually I have a lot of more cases on my dailly work so I need create some kind of DataTable to collect every important data from each cases. I have attached example how I would like to create DataTable after provided all those Data from all those cases. After collect that i would like to create Loop to create as many cases as many rows I have with all those data. Could you give me some advice how to create that? I proposed to use type of Array beacause I thought that is the best way to call for each Data in row but if I am wrong please tell me your suggestions.