Collect data from a list of URL and paste into the next column for each link

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to set up an automation where the process would read a list of URL in Column A, access the URL and get a specific portion of text in a zone (URLs are Instagram profiles and the information collected will be the same location on each page).

Accessing one site in cell A2, capturing the text and copying it into cell B2 works fine, but I’ve trying to use For Each Row process to repeat the action for the next cell of Column A so that it can copy the specific text from each link.

How can I do that ?? Your help is appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @Riou_Guillaume

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What u can do for this is

In for each row there is a index section in property panel, create a variable let’s say index which gives the row no through which it is iterating

Then inside the use read cell activitiy to read the url at column A making the cell as dynamic like this

“A”+(index+2).ToString and storing the url from read cell in form of string varaible

(index start from zero , for first row the index value is zero, we need to read from A2 cell, similarly in general for nth index we need to read from “A”+(index+2).ToString, this is general logic)

After going to url and accessing the text use write cell activitiy to write the data corresponding to the url row in B Column, ie f

Using write cell activitiy put the cell as dynamic like as we did in read range

“B”+(index+2).ToString like this

Hope it helps you

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Thank for the quick reply.
So I tried your suggestion but I think I get it wrong for the index.
I assigned as follow:
index = dt.Rows.Count

The Read cell then goes: “A”+ index.ToString. with an output as a String.

Oddly, the open browser stage shows up an error that the value does not fall into the expected range ?

Also I’d like to mention I’m only 5 days old using UI path studio…

Thank you

Ah I changed the index to index =dt.Rows.IndexOf(row) +1 and it worked out perfectly well thank you!

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Hi @Riou_Guillaume sorry for late response
if possible u can check workflow for reference (41.5 KB)

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