CoE Leads - How do you track Academy training for your team?

One of the few drawbacks to the Academy is there’s no central tracking or assignment for training for your team. So far, the way I’ve been doing it is having each team member send me their diploma of completion and then saving it to a folder with permission granted to that individual, myself, and HR, other than that being a good case for a bot, how do you track your team’s training accomplishments?

I have not practiced this method. Only what I expected from new developers is to do the RPA developer path in the UiPath academy. It was more like whether someone already had the necessary skills for the job.
Of course, the new employees learned the most during the first project in which I had to actively participate.
It was only when I was sure that the person was already working in accordance with our best practices and was doing well in the Studio that I gave them a bit more freedom.

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I think that you should add a suggestion for the Automation Hub team to link teammate’s profiles from the academy to the system so you could be able to check them.
Also, you can ask about API for UiPath Academy if they have it -maybe it would be possible to get this.

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That’s an excellent idea. I’ll check with our UiP reps and post the information back here if that’s a possibility.