Good evening, I have some doubts and I need opinions according to your experience automating.

  1. Process automation with RPA, is it considered a software development? Why?

  2. If the first question is true, is it a good idea to implement Non-Productive Environments (Development and Testing) to perform automations?

Please your opinions regarding this matter. Thanks a lot.


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Process automation with RPA tools consider as a workflow development.

As your process is a step-by-step based so we can say it as a workflow development.

It’s required to implement on Non-Production Environments, because working directly on the production data is not suggestible, Also very few people has access to production data.

Once those few people are confident that this workflow you developed is working as expected then you are allowed to move the package to production environment. So the people to make confident you need to create multiple environments.

Hope this helps you


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I had a discussion in my company because they tell me that it is not a software development, therefore it does not apply to have non-productive environments in RPA developments, currently it is developed directly in production.

thanks for answering

@dyan230491, yes it is possible to make RPA development on directly production environment. It’s all depends on application behaviour.
Perhaps, i am managing a spain project from past 2Y and i never used testing team to test & deploy my Robots.
No QA, No Testing, No traditional waterfall model. Perhaps, I am just following only agile and direct deployment after receiving requirements.
It is such an easy things on RPA development now a days.