Code working in studio run but not through orchestrator

We have a code which is working perfectly in studio run in the same server machine , but when we publish it in to the orchestrator it is showing different type of errors for example “invalid UI node”. the browser used is edge and it should run in IE mode of edge


Do a remote debugging and identify the issue. Sometime it works from studio not from Orchestrator in unattended more. Check for the robot log to identify the activity where the exception causing. If you have idx, or row index in your selector check for them.

Is Robot installed in service mode on the server?

Have you logged into the server with the account you’re trying to run the process with? Don’t do that. So now, remote into the server with that account, then click Start and Sign Out. Just closing the RDP window without signing out will interfere with automations.

First transaction is working perfectly then the error occured saying unable to find the selector then the process continue to next transaction then for the rest of the transaction it ia showing the error invalid UI node!

Yea i am using the same account will that affect ??

So the issue is with the selector only. Can you share the selector.

Check for any idx or row number in the selector. If it is there then you have ignore it and find a correct selector. Else you have to increase its value on each row


Yes. As I said, logging into the server as the same account and then just closing the RDP window will interfere with automations. Log into the server as that account, then click Start and SIGN OUT. Now run the automation from Orchestrator.