Code running in one system but fails to run in another with - Validation error

Dear all,

I developed the code in my system, which is working fine.
Next, I updated in the package in Orchestrator.
Now when I am trying to execute the process from another system via UiPath Robot, I am getting a validation error.


Can anyone please help to resolve this.
I have updated the packages in the program files as well as in the Appdata.


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Hi @modsoul

The workflow what you have created named as AMBANK… Has some validation error in some activity. Correct them.

Hi @mohit26

Thanks for your reply,
Yes, I understand that part.
But the same workflow is executing in my development system without any issues.
Unfortunately the system I am trying to run the code on, does not have UiPath Studio and only UiRobot is Installed. Hence triggering the code via Robot.

How can I find out where the issue is and resolve this case.