Code Reusable issue

Hello All,

I am currently looking after 30 process in Production and i come across a scenario.
ā†’ i have approx. 30 process in prod which are working fine. mostly all of them are using SAP.To make it more efficient i did created SAP_Login Reusable componant which i used in every process.

Now problem is that the SAP Login has new Page for welcome.

i did Change it Accordingly but what i can see is that i need to go to every process and re deploy it.

is there any way where the redeployment is not necessary and we can directly do the changes and production bot can use it.

Hi @sachin.bais

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I would say that this could be achieved if you would build a library process that does the SAP login. You could then include this package as one of the dependencies and then be able to mass update all your process by using this tool:

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