Code is not running completely with action centre

Hi @Anil_G is it possible to add first all data into action center and then what ever the ticket approves next to get the approved ticket data


Yes you can use this activity to get the tasks submitted


Hey @Learner007,

If possible could you please share your workflow.


@Sanjit_Pal can you check here i already attached



Did you use the the orchestrator process template as this is long running process?


@Anil_G Orchestrator process what it means. I’m not sure about it


Generally for human intervention processes we use this

The settings are different


@Anil_G i haven’t tried this i will try once this but my flow is built completely as of now but i will try to modify if i can


I hope you have checked this property in project settings



@Anil_G This i can’t use because this is something different and i haven’t used it before also
Yes Persistence i already enabled it

I have seen some other Posts on these topic and tried those not working, i struck on the wait for document validation part only. I’m just confused how can i resume the task in unattended mode

Get form task won’t work for me because I’m not using form Action here.

Now I’m able to create the tickets in action centre but not able to get or resume those after approving that ticket.


Just to be sure… Can you create a sample task using Orchestrator process and check if that is working for you