Cmd prompt automation

HI Team,

i am doing some automation based on cmd prompt results… i want to copy the results of cmd prompt the following ways i have tried

  1. tried sending Hotkeys and keyboard short cuts keys(ctrl+a , ctrl +c), not copying the data from cmd prompt
  2. tried exporting the data to text file not working

imae automation is working but i dont want to rely on it… any other options?

Best to use this activity. It allows you to save the CMD output.

should i download any package for the above activity.


I think the activity @NiesonF uses is “Command Prompt Activities” from UiPath Maketplace. The link is below.
Command Prompt Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace | Overview
It’s a great activity, but the Windows project version has not been released, so it can only be used in Windows Legacy projects.

@devasaiprasad_K Welcome to you UiPath Community

You should be using the Invoke Power Shell activity instead of trying to interact with a command prompt.

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I encountered a similar problem before. If the Invoke PowerShell activity doesn’t work, what you can do is:

  • Take a screenshot of the command prompt.
  • Use OCR to read it.
    This approach provided me with a solution, but I’m not sure if it will work for you.

exactly i have seen these activitys but since it is a Windows-Legacy Project i was not able to use it

yes @Burak_Baris_Gologlu - working on the similar solution… but working on command based activity’s, so that not to rely on Image Automation.

would it be possible for you to attach any sample file with InvokePowerShell activity’s , may be the one’s used?


thanks for the valuable Info, will go through it and work on my possibility of automation