CMD for download and running specific process from system tray

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Starts execution of an available process. The Robot downloads or updates the necessary packages, just like starting them from the Robot Agent (Tray). These are the same processes that are visible in the Robot Agent (Tray). You can stop the process execution by using the Ctrl + C hotkey in the active command prompt instance.
The name of the process you want to execute is the one displayed in the Robot Tray, but without the environment tag. For instance, if SpreadsheetData_Finance is a visible process in the Robot Tray, then the command to execute it should look like this:
UiRobot.exe -p SpreadsheetData
Note: Attended Robots should only run under human supervision.

The above example is from or steps is from not working as expected. Please help to know if you are facing the same issue

EDIT : Below is the output when i pass the output to a text file

Topshelf.HostFactory Error: 0 : An exception occurred creating the host, Topshelf.HostConfigurationException: The service was not properly configured:
[Failure] Command Line An unknown command-line option was found: DEFINE: p = Processname
[Success] Name UiRobotSvc
[Success] DisplayName UiPath Robot
[Success] Description UiPath Robot Service
[Success] ServiceName UiRobotSvc
at Topshelf.Configurators.ValidateConfigurationResult.CompileResults(IEnumerable1 results) at Topshelf.HostFactory.New(Action1 configureCallback)

EDIT 2 : OMG , this feature is not available in 2018.1 :frowning: :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth::sleepy::neutral_face: