CLS UI attribute

Quite frequently, when I automate UI application, I see the cls attribute in the selectors. Sometimes, I see ctrlid, aaname, etc. What are the available element attributes and their uses? I get issues with selectors all the time, probably, because I am still a beginner and I want to learn the selector attributes, when to use which, etc.


Hi, although we are here to help, forum is not the best place to get initial help for UiPath, we recommend the documentation first and after the Academy for free learning.

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CLS is used to identify a non-web-browser application. There are a variety of different attributes, but the underlying purpose will become irrelevant when you’re using UI Explorer to find the elements UiPath detects, since UI Explorer is able to identify what data to put into the selector automatically.

It is worth noting, however, that with web applications, most of the attributes are derived from the webpage’s HTML, so if you press F12 in your web browser, you’ll be able to explore the HTML that UiPath is reading to derive its attributes.

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I dodn’t get issues with web application, but windows application selectors.

In that case, I recommend taking bcorrea’s advice and checking the documentation for Selectors and taking the training at

Ok. I will retake the developer courses, which I did to get started.