Cloud solution

Hello, I am learning to use UiPath and I am testing the cloud solution.

My use case is to re-conciliate 2 excel files and receive an excel report.

My challenge:
How can i run the process in the UiPath cloud and download the report
Does UiPath hosts the files I want to re-conciliate and then create the report?


  1. I upload 2 excel files. first question where do i save these files?
  2. run process / bot Today i am doing this in my local machine
  3. creates report Today is created in my machine and saved in a local folder
  4. saves report Second question Can i save these files in some UiPath cloud storage?
  5. Receive link to download the file Today I am generating an email and sending the file from my local drive Third question, can UiPath provide the url so I can download the file?

Hi @fgajardo

First main thing is, UiPath does not offer cloud storage for files like one drive or google drive. The cloud solution is mainly the Orchestrator which orchestrates and manage the robot fleet. However, Orchestrator also provide storage of data in certain formats like assets and Queues which are used for processing of data during the execution of the process.

In your scenario, the best idea storage location would be, either a shared drive (if other people are also accessing the files), or a specific folder in your local drive.

Using UiPath Studio, you can create a workflow to read the two excel files and do the reconciliation and create the final report. This final report can be extracted as a excel file through the workflow you create using certain activities. Again, storing the final report can be in the local drive or in a shared location…

If you want to schedule the rpocess to run on a daily basis, then I would suggest you to do the scheduling of the process through the Orchestrator after publishing the workflow to the Orchestrator and creating a process.

You can also incorporate email sending activities in the workflows you create which will allow the process to attach the generated excel file and send it to the people who are using it over email. However, if this file is too large to send over email, then you can design your workflow to upload the file to one drive or google drive or any other cloud storage. Once done, through UI automation, you can navigate as you would do to generate a shareable link, which can then be attached to the email and send it.

I explained in this very high-level on the approaches that you could take. This however, involves lot of sub tasks and activities that you can create when designing the workflow using UiPath Studio

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Thanks Lahiru, thanks for your fast response, this is very helpful.

the requirement is that files need to be in the cloud and secure

  1. User can upload files
  2. bot will run
  3. user can download the report

So, can I set up all the environment in a cloud like AWS, google or MS?

Question: Cam UiPath interact with this environment? and do all the activities to meet the above requirements or I need another tool (blue prism, Automation anywhere, etc)

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Sorry for my late reply. I was in a meeting…

Yes… UiPath can do this without a problem. UiPath also has dedicated set of activities that allows us to work on files that are hosted on google drive etc. So, there is not problem in using it and we don’t need any other automation tool to perform it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Lahiru!!
I appreciate your responses.

My best

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@AveryMolly have you tried StudioX? It’s more business oriented and it doesn’t require you to have programming knowledge.