Cloud Robot and Queue items

I am deploying a cloud robot. It runs fine with no errors and the VM seems to be fine as well (not sure about set up). At the end of the program, it is supposed to create a queue item which never gets produced. It does however make an upload into a storage bucket as intended (this contains the data table that should have been made into a queue item as well). Not sure what is going on here but since the program produces queue items just fine when run in studio, I assumed it was a setup issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Vinny_LaRocca

To start with can you check the queue name is correct. It is trivial but may be we might miss checking it.

Then are you using bulk add queue items or add queue item?..

If bulk add get the output and check if its failing and the error message would be there. If using add queue items ideally if all are correct it would work, but continue on error is one thing that you need to check if by chance you have given it as True


@Vinny_LaRocca Hi Please check the folder path under which the queue was created and also the queue config