Cloud Platform Issues Post-19.9 Auto-Upgrade?

The site wasn’t loading at first - now it is, but I can’t update bot settings in Orchestrator to resolve the error being thrown - pages won’t load to completion.

Bot Error: “A robot with username [Domain\User] isn’t defined in Orchestrator.”

Cloud Platform Error: “Oops! Something went wrong on our end. We are working to get it fixed as soon as we can. Please give it a try later or contact UiPath Support for help.”

Is anyone else experiencing this? How are you troubleshooting?

Hello @Mox

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I just tried logging into the orchestrator website. It works fine for me. What’s the browser that you are trying to login to the Orchestrator site? It is not compatible with some of the browsers. So try using only IE, Chrome or Edge

Thank you! Yes, I’m using Chrome. I’ll restart my laptop to see if that helps and will check back in to let you know what happens.

Update: Still having the same issues.

Hi @Mox

There is a direct technical contact for for our Cloud Platform, see here:

We would appreciate if you could log the issue there.

In the meantime, I would suggest trying in an incognito mode of the browser just to see if some temporary files are not at fault.


Thank you, I’ve logged it. No luck with incognito mode, so I’ll wait it out.

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Hi @Mox,

Can you give us more details on what Post-19.9 Auto-Upgrade are you referring to? Is it Studio 19.9 upgrade?

Yes it was, everything seems to be back to normal though. Thanks for checking in!

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