Cloud orchestrator versions


How to see the history of cloud versions that are pushed to my organization? I can see the current version from cloud profile, but i wanted to know how many versions has been updated in my cloud. this is required for Audit purposes to show the history and its changes. Please help.

Hi @Pradeep.Robot

Look for a section or feature related to version history or release management. This feature might have a different name depending on the service provider. For example, in some cloud platforms, it may be called “Change History,” “Release Notes,” or “Activity Logs.” Once you locate the version history feature, it should display a list or a timeline of the versions that have been pushed to your organization. Each entry should typically include information such as the version number, release date, and a summary of the changes made in that version. Depending on the platform, you may be able to click on a specific version to view more detailed information, such as a changelog or release notes.


Exactly thats what i am looking for, Do you know where can i find those information on

Hi @Pradeep.Robot

Can you try with these steps-

  1. Log in to your UiPath Automation Cloud account.
  2. Navigate to the “Automations” section of the portal.
  3. Find the automation project for which you want to view the version history.
  4. Click on the project to access its details.
  5. Within the project details, you should find a “Versions” tab or a similar section. Click on it to view the version history.
  6. In the version history, you will typically see a list of versions or deployments of your automation project. Each version may include details such as the version number, deployment date, and a summary of changes made.
  7. Click on a specific version to view more detailed information, such as release notes or a changelog.


No, I think you got me wrong. I want to know the release updates that happened for the orchestrator and not for the process we deploy. Since we are of cloud orchestrator - the updates to cloud enterprise will happen automatically, wanted to know the history of releases that happened in our cloud. Thanks.