Cloud Orchestrator - Auto Update Schedule not working properly

Hello Together,
we used the auto-update function to update all of our software (unattended bots and studio). In general, it worked and all updates were installed but the scheduling did not work out.

E.g.: We scheduled the update to a specific date and 18:00. But the update did start immediately.

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Hi @PeCour

Was the delay significant (minutes, hours, days)?

A bit more details, together with the versions you were updating from and to would help a bit.

Hi @loginerror,

as I wrote we did not have any delay. “The update did start immediately”.

The exact time after scheduling did differ for our two unattended robots. One did start immediately, one after 2 hours.

The problem is that we wanted that the update starts at 18:00 and not immediately. We did also check the time schedule of our orchestrator and UiPath. There was no mistake.

Thank you!

Och, makes sense, I totally misread the original post.

It looks like a bug, I’ll send it to our team to have a look.

Just for the full picture - the time zone indicated on the screenshot is your current time zone, correct? Just in case this is a factor here somehow (discrepancy in time zones between your Orchestrator and the target machines).

@loginerror no problem, thank you for your support!
Yes, it is the target time zone. We also had an UiPath MVP from a leading RPA consultancy who helped us with the case. He checked all error possibilities.