Cloud JIRA> JWT Token for zephyr

We are using jira cloud zephyr to run test execution. We have checked their page and came to know that JWT token is required to access those APIs. We did it using java & postman and wondering how we can do it via uipath. Any help please

Below are the steps:

hey @pushkar.singh , when you did this using postman , are you getting the JWT token in response?
In UiPath , you can create the JSON body using the invoke method activity and then use the http request activity to hit the endpoint.

I tried using eclipse tool and wrote a program as mentioned in this link Generating a JWT Authentication Token for Zephyr Squad Cloud API | Zephyr Squad Cloud Documentation

I am getting token and it works to run APIs.

ok , if I understand it correctly , You are using the eclipse to generate the JWT token and then using that token in postman to make the API call.
The transaction you are performing in postman can be done through UiPath.
I probable solution can be to create an executable file of that eclipse code , which creates a text file with JWT token and then in UiPath read that file and use the JWT token while hitting the API using the http req activities.

Yes, executable file means jar file? How can i run it through uipath?

You can use Start Process activity and provide full path of that .exe file

Ok. I will give it a try.

I checked and came to know that there is a catch. Token has to be generated for each API uniquely before executing it so one exe file will not help.

Request should be send to EXE with required API and token should be generated.