Closing of Update Work Item window not working in ACME System 1

I’m not able to close the window after updating the work items in ACME System 1,

UpdateWorkItemswithSecurityHash.xaml (11.7 KB)

Hi @debosree,

Are you first closing the windows which says work item was updated by pressing OK button and then closing update work item window

I was trying to close the ‘Update Work item’ window directly while writing the code with ‘indicate on screen’ property in close window button.When i’m running its showing the error message that ‘browser is busy and can’t close’ because of a new message window ‘Work item was updated’ popped up.I then tried to change “indicate on screen” property with new message window but it also worked one time and failed for next time while picking next work item.The behaviour is not consistent.Please let me know which window should i refer to close?

You have to close the box which says updated successfully, and you have to make the selector dynamically and then close main window.
For Attach window


Use below selector for OK button


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Thanks ! i’ll try .

Sorry, Can you pls check if my understanding is correct?So, Do i need to use2 close window activities for these?
first I need to close OK button (1) and then Attach window (2).

Also even if i’m trying to update my selector using UIexplorer for OK button, why i’m not able to update the selector .Its always coming empty selector(3).

Yes, ur correct

1.Attach window
2 click ok
3.close window

It’s empty because you are not opening the explorer from the activity.

Refer the below workflow

UpdateWorkItemswithSecurityHash (1).xaml (13.8 KB)

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Thanks a lot…it is working as expected…looks like I need to revise a bit on dynamic selectors…Thanks for all your effort and help.

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