Closing of Popups

Is it possible to close popups appearing.
Size might differ
Image might differ
position might differ


Is it web or desktop application ?

Hi there @KarthikBallary

it is possible if you know the application and the popup name that might appear in your workflow order.

may I know what are you looking for exactly?


popup may appear at any tym.popname not sure…say some like ads which appear in youtube, ganna,hotstar etc

Well I guess this solution might nnot be exactly suitable for the RPA domain (just closing popups like ads that too in frames and overlays in apps like Youtube)

maybe RPA++ where Machine learning is involved and also there are scenarios where such things are not allowed in the T&C of the website policies :slight_smile:



I have used on image appear activity. it will click on popup. After sometime it will throw error.
The code must on stop it must keep on repeating and checking

Yes it is obviously possible to stop these popup ads. Sometimes popup comes from your browser or from the antivirus. You just have to stop the popup ads on your antivirus with the help of the settings option. If you are using Mcafee, then you can stop the Mcafee popups with the help of this linked article. You can use these steps to stop your popup ads even.