Closing applications - Client Security Hash excercise


I get the following error. System 1 opened in its own instance of chrome. Sha1 opened in its own instance of Chrome. so when its time to close applications the activity cannot find which instance of chrome to go to?:

Hi Colin, for this case, you can try using a send hotkey activity for it to switch tabs back to System1 first and adding a find element before performing whatever activity you need to do.

Or optionally, you can open sha1online with internet explorer so that there will only be one chrome with that corresponding selector.

@strqsr Thanks for the tip. Will give it a try :smiley:

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Hey Colin!

Do let me know if it works out, and mark it as solved!

Hi I solved this issue. It was just a sequence issue in my workflow trying to close at the wrong time. Once I sorted that out the correct instance of Chrome was active and the close worked. :slight_smile:


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