Close Workbook VB expression

I am building a bot (my first bot) and it opens an excel workbook, refreshes it with a macro and saves it. At the end I added close workbook to close the workbook and I am getting an error. The close workbook activity says it closes an opened excel workbook. If I put nothing in close workbook it says “value for a required activity argument ‘workbook’ was not supplied”. I can get rid of that error by adding a variable however if I enter the variable under the Excel Application Scope under properties Existing Workbook. I get an error on Excel Application Scope that says “Only one overload group should have its arguments configured”. I am trying to understand how Close Workbook and Excel Application Scope are connected. Because if I fixe one of the errors I get the other error.
*Close workbook is in the do of the excel application scope.

Why can’t you try after all your Excel scope activity use attache window and use close window activity…

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There is an Output property on the Excel Scope. Try putting the Workbook variable there. Then, use that same variable in the Close Workbook. That should work, and it’s how I do it.


This worked! Thank you so much!

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please mark that as solution and close the topic.

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