Close the application only if previous vale and current value are different

Hello all.
I am using Re-Framework ( Without Qeues).
I want to close the SAP application and re open it with correct connections , only if current Client value and previous Client are different.

Kindly help.


before invoke process.xaml

you can use if condition to check and reopen sap…

add a variable check and initial value to be string.Empty

If condtion before process.xaml with check check.Equals(Transactionitem("Client").ToString)

on then side do nothing…on else side do your reopen logic and after that use assign activity with check = Transactionitem("Client").ToString

Assumption sis transactionitem is a datarow…

if different …change accordingly…logic remains same


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Getting the below error.
Column ‘200’ does not belong to table DataTable while ruining the file.


May I know where you are getting this error and what os the transactionitem type?

As per error can see somethere value 200 is taken as column name and not the actual values


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Now I am not getting this error. But not working as expected.
Transaction type in datatable.DataRow.
For testing purpose I have commented out the process and kept message box in if condition.

Here is the workflow entire workflow. Data is in Input file.
Could you please check and help me with this? (968.4 KB)