Close Tab do not close Browser while serverside rending


in my case internet explorer will open an url with serverside rending , this will changed the title from about_blank to his own title and recreate the complete DOM.
So i can close tab once, but these will nothing changed.

Now is my dirty solution
Close WIndow -> useWindow->browser.Element.GetTopLevelWindow this close the correct whole Window

Someone an idea?
I’ve tried already invoke com method, attach window.

below some Screenshot if they can help

Greets Richie

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Have you tried using close tab inside attach browser
Sequence.xaml (4.9 KB)

Check this out.

Tried it same behavior.
and a crazy second behavior, if I open an Blanco page, use navigate to my URL, set here a breakpoint, the selector URL (see Pic on top) is still on a blank page, and close tab still not work.

On a new not server-side loading page, these code works. Seems like Uipath doesn’t care about the url in a Browser Object

I use studio v 18.3