Close tab activtity takes minimum of 15 to 25 sec to complete, is this normal?

I am using close tab activity in the below manner, each time close tab is running it takes 15 to 25s to complete.
1.Open Browser -> (Browser variable as output)
2.Navigate to -> different url (give above browser variable as input)
3.Close tab(Browser variable as input)

Tab would be closed but activity shows as executing, in the execution logs i couldnt anything.
Is there any logs by which I can identify why there is a delay.
or is it normal for close tab to take so long?

No idea why it is taking such a long time. May be taking time to kill the process behind the scenes.
You can try killing the process if you do not need browser window anymore to speed up the process using KILL PROCESS activity.

Karthik Byggari

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May be browser process has long time for closing. You can check this in task manager.
Anyway try “Kill process” activity

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Usually it won’t take much time buddy
Close tab would work fine and faster as well
It’s purely based on the system performance that relies on memory space, Browser Catch file,
Remove them and temp files in your local drive so that your memory gets increased which ensures speedy process
Also try with OTHER BROWSERS

Cheers @RajaniG

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@KarthikByggari @Afrikyan
Thanks for your inputs, but as I didnt wanted to kill other automations running in Chrome and I aint aware how to kill only the chrome instance used by uipath,could not use this solution.

Thanks for your inputs, I did try increasing memory space and clearing cache, removing temp files which did not help.
Regarding Trying with other browsers I saw that it is not easy to just run whole project with another browser and many selectors fail.So couldnt verify if this works.

However my issue was resolved when I turned off Do not run in back ground for chrome and turned off setting “use hardware acceleration when available”

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