Close properly SAP to avoid multiple icons

how do i should close SAP in a properly way in order to avoid the icon gets multiplied even when the process is killed

normally i use kill process for close but in my unattendad machine i found the screen full of this icon until a hover the mouse by them


is it normal? windows problem?


It seems to be a specific behavior of Windows, rather than an issue with SAP or UiPath. In such cases, the icons that appear on the screen are actually just visual remnants of processes that are no longer active. This is a well-known phenomenon in Windows operating systems, where icons in the system tray can remain visible even after the application is closed, until the mouse is hovered over them.

I have had experience with this and have not noticed any negative consequences. In most cases (we can also say in all cases), this should not affect the performance or stability of the system.

It’s important to just ensure that the processes are indeed closed, which you can check via the Task Manager. If the processes are not active and the icons still remain, it’s more of an aesthetic issue with Windows than a functional problem with your automated process.

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