Close popup window in Citrix recorder

Syllaba Abou Ndiaye
June 24, 2016 17:56 ANSWERED

l would like to close a popup window in citrix recorder.

However l don’t know how many times the popup is shown.

Is someone have a solution.

Thanks for your help

Mihai Badita June 28, 2016 23:16
Does using Find Image or Image Exist when the window may pop up help?

Syllaba Abou Ndiaye June 29, 2016 00:21
Finally I have a solution by using Image Exist

I look for if the popup exist, if it exist, the popup will be closed and I check again if it exist.

However if the popup doesn’t exist, I check if it’s the end of the data archiving, if this is true, the archiving is successfully done, if it’s false l checked even the existence of the popup

Nitin Safaya July 02, 2016 07:38
You can also use do-while function containing image-exists and if statement.

which means: image-exists will find the image of pop-up.

if true, pop up will be closed. if false, process will continue.

in coding term:






//close popup





set flag=1;



//default value of flag=0

I am using Citrix recording unable to edit the , TARGET in Selector option , always Selector option is blank.

Hi there @cutevenky
It appears the scope (target) has not been set for your ‘Click Image’.

Though it should be generated by default, you can easily build it via:

  • Clicking the ‘Options’ for the activity and ‘Indicate Scope on Screen’

  • Selecting the window, element, or region you wish.

Thanks in advance,

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Thank you so much Jdavey its working fine

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