Close button showing error

I have created simple form with submit, reset, close buttons. Iam facing 2 issues.

  1. Before i type into some thing, form showing reuired field check screen shot. I want validation upon click on submit button not before
  2. Upon Click on Close button, error message is coming.“Pls check all errors before submitting”. Can some one help on this

2nd issue:

Thank you

check your input. it may be due to you are entring incorrect value which that form want and thats why its validating first without submition. can you provide the website link so can check. or try changing the method of input.


  1. Can you show the properties…ideally if is required is check then the error message appears once a field is activated and something is typed and removed later
  2. For this go to the button properties and uncheck the submit property or collect data property…so that on close nothing is saved or validated

Hope this helps