Close all IE tabs

Hi there! could you please kindly advise how to close all IE tabs at once?
I’ve tried with close application, but it closes only 1 tab and “Close tab” does not seem to help either.

Thank you in advance!

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You can try sending the ALT + F4 hotkey to Internet Explorer.

Then you may receive a window asking whether you wish to Close all tabs or just the current tab. Closing all tabs works with a second hotkey (either enter, because it’s the default button or ALT + T).

There is also a checkbox - do not ask me again, always close all tabs.

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There is one more “extreme” way to do it, using Kill Process activity. Be aware that this will close all existing instance of IE on the machine,regardless if they where opened using UiStudio or not.
You could see the usage of it in the screenshot,