Close all apps on Stop/Kill of Front End Robot

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I request your thoughts on the way forward in the below scenario. I haven’t much experienced till now on the front end robot, hence request to correct me if any assumptions are wrong.

1.Front end user triggers the process from tray
2.User inputs the customer number
3.The robot will open few web pages using the robot credentials (the front end agent don’t have access to this web applications due to security concerns)
4.The user stops/kills the Robot process
5.The web pages are now open in the desktop of the users which the users can access and do any actions.

We want to avoid the situation in point 5. Can we do anything in the work flow itself to detect any interruption to the work flow and close all apps?

Shiju Mathew

Using Batch file seems to be working, not sure if you would consider this. The command prompt will open in minimized state, so it wont block the automation. It checks if your project(say MonitorBot) is running or not, if the bot is killed(or execution completed), the browser(if any) will be closed by the script.

Addition: Use ProcessWindowStyle.Hidden to run the batch in hidden mode, instead of minimized which is more efficient. Lets see if there is more simpler solution for this. (9.9 KB)

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@vvaidya. Thanks for giving some leads on this topic. The batch file will be useful , but I am not sure whether we should run it from the work flow. because it will lead to the same problem of front end user, intervening in the process flow.

If you run in the hidden mode, you won’t be able to see the process at all. Again, even I have not tested multiple scenarios, so cannot guarantee 0 intervention.