Close active word

I need close active and save word I do not know a word path, because word from system server. I find this activity, but it only close and save word if I know word path.

You can use the get active window activity if the window is currently the active window.

Other options available:
If there’s only one word document open, you can attach window with the following selector
<wnd app='winword.exe' cls='OpusApp' title='* - Word' />

Another option is to use the attach window variable for each word document you open, as soon as it is opened (using the Get Active Window activity). Then, supply the Window variable in the ‘Window’ property of Attach Window activity

I want write this C# with uipath, but I get some errors with types.
Abu suggestions?

Use the above suggestions to get a Window variable for the word document. Then use the close window activity and supply the window variable as the input