Cloning adds extra backslash to folder path

When I clone a transaction with a folder path like C:\user\username\Documents to becomes C:\\user\\username\\Documents in the new transaction if I clone it again it becomes C:\\\user\\username\\\Documents and so forth with every clone. This makes the folder path invalid is there a way around this?

Invalid how? Just visually?
If you do Directory.Exists(“C:\\user\username\\Documents”), it should still work given that the folders are there.


Try this by Regex, check below for your reference


Above expression will replace more than 2 \ and replace to 1 \

Also suggest to share the screenshot where it is adding extra 's, It could be a bug, so that we can raise to uipath team

Hope this may help you


If cloning an item chenges its content I consider this to be a bug in the clone function.
But I tried and could not confirm this:

If Json-encoding is the issue do not use just replace, better proper Json-decode.

Cloning does indeed add extra \ to the folder path but it doesn’t affect the outcome it works as expected.

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