Clipping region

How do I edit the specific region in notepad or word?
I had used the highlight activity but not sure how to set the region.Please help me on this

After you indicate on screen > hover over your desired region on the notepad/word by holding mouse left click

Hi Vaidya,

Indicated on screen and selected the region I want to edit.
I have choosen the specific and took the window into the variable but still getting the error.

Simplest After you indicate on screen just hit the “F3”. to select a clipping region.


I am storing the region in variable in Find element activity.
I have given the Textarea variable as output property of find element activity.

Variabletype=Uielement (use Ctrl+K)

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Able to get the region. You guys know how to convert the UIelement into string:
Suppose I have output UIelement with type UIPath.core.UIelement, How can I convert it to string and edit the only region.

Use click activity and pass the element variable you found above, for the clipping region value use below :