Client security hash WorkItem URL in uipath Assignment

Hi all,
I am trying to solve ACME assignment.all flow is working fine but when i am serching for Wl5 then first time it take WIID and paste in URL and updating everyting then for next WIID it is pasting WIID next to previous WIID .will share screenshot of it(WorkItemm).how to remove this error.anyone have idea pls tell me.i have check pdf of hash security but didn’t understood

You should have a string variable for work-items path that does not change “acme-test…etc/work-items/” to which you add the WIID, and store it in another string variable.
The problem you have is you keep “incrementing” the same variable and it “remembers” the previous value, it’s like saying i = i +1 . Make it y = x + WIID, where x is a constant, and Y changes with WIID.

ohhhh,thanks @MarinAlexandru

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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