Client Security Hash Code- Object reference not set to an reference

While I was trying to read Value from dictionary type object variable, its abending showing below error. Samecode earlier it was working. Now its not working.
Trying to retrieve value from dictionary type object named as In_Config_test(“System1_Credential”).ToString
Key name as System1_Credential


Go to Edit Arguments and check once.

Yes I validated in EDIT Arguments. Its correctly referenced

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Hi @mbegum

Have you checked the arguments of all the workflow files that are executed to get to this workflow file here? I believe at some point the flow is broken because it looks like the in_Config_test is not really getting the dictionary data from the workflow its being called.

You can easily keep track of this by using the Debug mode. Have a breakpoint there in the invoke workflow activity and run the program. Once it reach the activity, check in your Locale panel whether the config variables/ arguments have data in it. This will help you figure out from where it’s going missing… :slight_smile:

Hope it helps