Client Security Hash Assignment - Cannot pull from excel file

Hello, I am trying to complete the client security hash assignment for the RPA Advanced Developer training, and I cannot figure out why my REFramework will not pull from the linked config excel file.I have been stuck for days
I have the variables spelled the same and matching, but no data is being pulled. I am trying to log onto the SHA1 & ACME website, I have tried using a ‘message box’ before and this is how I know i am not pulling information because it is coming back blank.
I am using an open browser as stated on the template, forums, and videos I have followed.
Thanks in advance!

without making any kind of changes, config will be read. The RE Framework reads it fine.
Can you check if you have the excel open ?
Yet, even in this case it should throw an error.

You can download RE Framework again, and just run it and check if it reads config values. You can verify by putting a message box. it should go through.

@ArunVelaayudhanG I have downloaded multiple times, the only edits I have made have been to add my three ‘settings’, (System1URL, SHA1URL, Credentials) & changing the constants retry number to ‘2’

it will work fine. How are you verifiying excel is not being read? may i have a screenshot or something?

@ArunVelaayudhanG I can send you a zip and you can try to run the file ? (1005.2 KB)
I am trying to run “SHA1_Open” found under my SHA1_Online folder

Thank you again

Also the Error I am getting is “Open Browser: Value does not fall within the expected range.”