Client Requirements for Orchestrator installation

Is there any requirement gathering document to share with Client for Orchestrator installation? Like a set of questions that can be asked to know what kind of set up a client needs.


Here are the hardware requirements for a production environment.

Hi Daniel

I am looking for more of configuraton requirements. For example, what kind of DB is required for logging, is windows authentication required?, whether Cyberark is required for saving Robot password or it will be saved in Orchestrator. I am wondering if any such quessionaire is available, it will help the client who is new in UiPath impementation in provding their requirements.


Orchestrator uses a SQL Server database engine for everything, including logs. Orchestrator uses windows credentials to log in to the robot machines to do jobs. CyberArk is an option, but is not required.

The Orchestrator guide has all of this information, it’s just not all on the same page. It would be well worth your time to read through the various pages and relay any necessary information to the client.

The Academy also has several courses that contain all of this information. There’s an orchestrator course, an infrastructure course, etc.

Thanks Daniel!

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You’re welcome!