Clicking on "variables" instead of "Open In Advanced Editor"


After updating my Studio, I got this new feature of using variables when clicking the + button:

Having the habit of clicking the first button which was “Open in Advanced Editor”, I am always replacing my expression with a variable and then using Undo and searching for the “Open in Advanced Editor” button to get back to my logic.

I think it would be better if variables are shown after “Open in Advanced Editor” so we don’t have to look for it everytime. (Many RPA developers has the habit to click on it directly)

Version used: 2021.10.0-beta-5980


we can simply use “”+“” also and it’ll give variable to use there

are you saying you need variable list after clicking on that plus icon?

I’m saying that I don’t want the variable list.

Or to show the variables after “Open In Advanced Editor”.

Aren’t you used to click directly the + button and “Open in Advanced Editor”?

Hi @Charbel1,

I agree that this is something which can break the flow of many developers. I agree that the order should not have been changed and the new variable options should have followed after the previous available menus.

For the time being I suggest you use the shortcut to open the expression editors.

Ctrl+Shift+E when you place your cursor on the message field box (in Log Message) and other activities which have expressions editors.

Ctrl + Shift + E - Opens the Expression Editor when used inside activity input fields.

Shortcut documentation: Studio - Keyboard Shortcuts


Yes, got it and yes that would be good to keep things as they were.

Also, may be et can have two button, a dedicated one for the advanced editor and another one for the new options to edit.

Thanks for putting this up.

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Great alternative for the time being, thank you!

Hi @Charbel1 ,

What version of Studio are you using? Would it be possible to share with us the project to look into this?


Hi @Raluca_Laic ,

Regarding the version:

Advent#6.xaml (21.9 KB)

Hi @Charbel1 ,

Thank you very much for the sample project, I was able to repro this! In this case, the value displayed isn’t a variable but the reference to the iterator in this case - team. This allows you to reuse it within the given scope easily.

Many thanks,

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Yes, indeed Raluca, the reuse option is great, the main concern was showing these iterator variables before the Open Advanced Editor.


Understood, I’ve filed this as feedback for this and will provide more details once we look into this.


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