Clicking on the current position of the cursor

Hello, I am working in an accounting program, I connect by remote access and I manage to go through a vertical menu, but when trying to click on any of the items I do not achieve it, do you have any example of clicking on the current position of the cursor?


have you tried things like send hotkey up or down?

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Hi @VictorMan,
when you are trying to set “Indicate on screen” of your Click activity, what do you get? Is it recognizing each item separately, or all of them as one block? Have you tried to use “Click image” or “Click text” activities?

Yes, I can scroll in the menu, but I have problems to click with any activity, so I try to click on the cursor position.

I connect by remote access, of course it shows me a single block, I have tried with ocr, but it does not work always, what I read out there is to detect the position of the cursor