Clicking on only specific ticket types in the table

Ok so i have a task where i need to click on work items that have the Item type WI3. What i have done so far is that I have extracted each work item with the type WI3 and its respective unique wiid into a data table and into excel. Now all i need to do is be able to automate the process of going into the work items that have the Item type WI3. But I cant seem to get there. I get that i can use the wiid as an anchor base when trying to open a work item through the magnifying glass, but i dont get how to do it. Maybe there is also another way? please help

Instead of click use “navigate to” or “go to url” activity instead of clicking on each WIID.
Make url dynamic by putting wiid


ACME System 1 - Log In"+var_WIID.ToString


Two ways

As suggested by @raja.arslankhan you can modify url and move to next page

Another would be to use dynamic selector…for that you need not extract as well can use selector as below and and it would click on each and you can navigate to next page and continue the loop

Initialize a variable int_index of integer type with 0

  1. While loop with condition as true
  2. Use assign with int_index=int_index+1
  3. Now use check app state with selector as below
<webctrl tag='TR' innertext='*WI3*' idx='{{int_index}} />
<webctrl tag='TD' tablecol='1' />
  1. On then side use click with same selector as above to click on the magnifier and then perform steps to come back as well
  2. On else side use check app state with selector of next page on the then side of this use assign with int_index=0 and click to move to next page
  3. On else side use break


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Hi @marrzful

Extract the data as datatable by using Extract Datatable activity. Use for each row in datatable activity to iterate the each row of datatable. Take a count variable and assign as 2 value above the for each row in datatable activity. Pass the count variable in the Click selectors on clicking Magnifier button. After that use another assign to increment the count value.
Find the below selectors for click activity and modify with count variable.

Hope it helps!!