Clicking on multiple hyperlinks on a webpage

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a Web page which has multiple html tables and in each table I need to click on a hyperlink and download to a particular folder. I had used data scraping and extracted the URL but unable to extract all the url’s, some are misssing because it is a unstructured data.

Can anyone please suggest me to solve this issue.

but you said tables right then how unstructured, can we have screenshot.

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DataCrap the table inside the browser and you will get the text and will ask you if you whant to get the URL click yes.

then for each row
Row(0) will be you text and row 1 will be URL → usualy work like this

Use navigate to with row(1).tostring
this will open 1 after another your links and for each one you can perform some actions after open it.

I think this can help you

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thank you @ Luis261980

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