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Hi All,
I am working on web-based automation which is trying to copy data from excel and pasting to website. I am stuck in a part where it clicks on the “Add new line” button on the web page and it creates it too. However, there is a “lookup sign” which needs to be clicked to enter the data.
I have 10-15 line items in the excel, and it creates the same lines on the web page, however, the data is entered in the first “Lookup” button instead of increment with the new line item.
I have tried in the Ui Explorer and I found there is “Row number” which is different in every “Lookup” button. but I am not able to get it done through logic.
I am attaching the screenshot.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:Error.xlsx (148.6 KB)

You can use a variable of type int in row number attribute of your selector and this variable has to be incremented every time when you click on new look up sign.

Let us know if this helps.

Pavan H


Hi Pawan,

Please check the below:
I have assign “RowChange = TableRow+1”
and, in the lookup selector, I have passed the below code in the parentID:
“ctl00xcontentPHxgrdTimesheet_rc_” & colchange & “_2”
it is showing error. I think I have not understood it correctly.
Thanks in advance


Please see my selector page

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