Clicking on dynamic icons as we add them


I click on the magnifier icon and input my data from an excel which is linked via an excel application scope using For each loop.
Once I complete that activity, I need to click on the next magnifier option to add the next line item from the excel, which I am not able to achieve and it again clicks on the same magnifier icon.

How can I click on the magnifier on an incremental basis, till my for loop executes pls?

Thanks for your help

@The_Falcons We would have to look at the selector of the Magnifier Icon Element. Can you use the Click Activity to Indicate the Element and Open the Selector in UiExplorer with the Element being validated and send a Screenshot of the UiExplorer. In this way we can identify the relation for the increment Number and modify that attribute.

Thank you @supermanPunch for quick reply.

I have selected the first 4 magnifier and these are the selector

@The_Falcons The Selector for only the First Magnifier is fine. Make sure you send the Screenshot of the UiExplorer. Otherwise it wouldn’t be of much help :sweat_smile:

Sorry, Attached.

@The_Falcons Check the TableCol and TableRow attributes from the Right Panel. Then use Highlight and check if it points out to the Magnifier Element

Yes, it does points to the magnifier. But when i run it, it is till clicking on the same magnifier, does not go to below magnifier.

@The_Falcons Yes. Now can you change the TableRow attribute value to 3 and check if it Highlights the next magnifier?

@supermanPunch Yes it does :slight_smile:
But, when i run it in a for each loop, how will it select the magnifier in an incremental way pls? First magnifier for the first loop, then second for the second and same till the loop ends.

There are two things that you have to keep intact i.e the Number of Excel Rows and the Number of rows in the Website needs to be the same. If not same then you might need to use the Number of Excel rows as the Highest Limit to Select the Magnifier Element.

I take that you would be using a For Each Row to loop through the rows in Excel, you can also assign an index to the For Each Row which you can then use as an incremental variable inside the Selector, so that each time it gets Incremented and Selects the Next Magnifier Icon.

Also Keep in mind that the index in For Each Row Loop Starts from 0, you might have to add 1 to it before using it inside the selector.
So it’s better to use an another variable called counter to be used in the Selector