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I need to click on the + symbol based on the First name of the user. For example if the user’s First Name starts with A I need to click on the + symbol near “A” so that it will expand the user list for A, then I need to click on the user’s name if available. please help me on how can I achieve this.


First thing you must try do use a Click activity and point to for example the ‘A’, does it work? What is the selector you get?

When I click on A I am getting below Selectors

If I click on the + symbol near A I am getting below Selectors

for + Symbol near B I am getting below

For + Symbol near C

and I don’t have Z since no user available there and may be added later

Hi @jeyaprakasamm

Please go to uiexplorer to check any varying attribute in the element and use Accordingly to select based on first character in name

If possible can u screen shot of uiexplorer when selecting + button near to A, + button near toB Like that
So we can get more information from it

Hope it helps

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Then you can first get the first letter of the user name and assign it to a string variable like this:
Now you replace the ‘A’ in the selector with this variable like this:
<webctrl id='{varUserChar}' tag='DIV' />
Do this for step 1 and after we see how to click in the name.

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UI Explorer for A

UI Explorer for B

For I which I have added new user. Previously dont have I on the list

Only unique attribute I could see is idx, but that also vary based on user availability

Hi Bcorrea its not related to letter, the + symbol which is near the letter. If the letter I is not available in the list it will not have the + symbol too.

Also If we click on the letter A it will not expand the list

Then will be hard to help you, why would you give us the selector to click the A if it does not help you at all?!

Just to give variation in both the selectors

Try to use Find Children Activity on the whole table, try to use different SCOPE present in properties, if it works it will give you the whole selector and then any activity you want.

  1. Find Children (enumberable of UiElement)
  2. For each (uiElement)- Inside This Use Get Text with the Element set as for each variable.
    Check this.
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Hi @jeyaprakasamm

Can u please show the property explorer section in uiexplorer and check any attribute are varying there

Hope it helps

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