Clicking on a '+' to enhance the folders



Hi Everyone,

I am trying to write a code on selecting the file from Browse as in, There will be lots of folders in your left panel collapsed with the ‘+’. when you click the ‘+’ it gets expanded,

I am trying to click on ‘+’ and from that, i need to select another ‘+’ and then select a folder.
once the folder is selected, the files inside the folders will be displayed in the bottom. I need to choose that file to see the contents in the right panel.

This is a part to be continued after a Recording session of User login. I am stuck with the clicking ‘+’.
Which method is wise and perfect to use… I am getting issues with the Click Events, Recording, etc…
Your answers would be helpful. Thanks.



Hi @kk.virags,

First you need to minimize the all tree view using ‘-’ keyword then you expand the tree using ‘+’ Key.




You can press Add (+) Button to do it.

Dominic :slight_smile:


By default, when you login it will be minimized mode only :slight_smile: i need to know on how to use the expand key using uipath… as the click event is not able to identify the plus


Sorry, i didnt get you… Press Add (+) button? If you read my question again… i couldnt identify the + button on the click event or any recording too.


Try to focus on the elements then do the ‘+’ key.

Try to click the element else try to focus on the element using keyboard.



Thanks for your reply. Can you please explain bit detail on focussing an element using keyboard?


Hi @kk.virags,

Using attach window try to click on the whole element to focus then using tab key you can focus after that you can give + key and also if you press enter specific element will click I hope.



You can also use xy coordinates of a “click” activity to click on the +


@arivu96 and @Geek-
Not sure how to use through the keyboard focus and the the xy coordinates of a click activity.

Is there any link can you provide for to explore. it would be more helpful. Thanks



Hi @kk.virags,

try to click root not using Click activity after that use + key to further process.