Clicking multiple excel files in a attach browser

Let’s do it step by step.

First use click activity as shown below

Once it worked it will give you a window where you have Save As option then click on it.

Do this for one item, if it worked then we make it dynamic for all.

There is no save as but there is a download option, so I downloaded it would I just use click activities to locate my folder? And also how would I do this dynamically with all the files.

These are the other options

Use download option, let’s download it.

Check if there if any option to download all.

Try to click on highlighted part

Hello @Pranav_KomandurPK,
You can check out below YouTube video. I believe it will help you out.

Link : UiPath Exercise # 57 | Download Multiple Files | UiPath Interview Questions | ExpoHub | By Rakesh - YouTube