Clicking in half of the process makes a mistake

Hello there
I have a problem with my thesis, and the code works fine until the Journal of health sciences and medicine (Online), but when it comes to this magazine, it stops and retry scope is 3 times unclicked.
My goal is to click on each of the magazines one by one and get information from them
Below is my Excel and Project file.

TrDizinDetail2.xaml (45.3 KB)
trdizin_data.xlsx (22.0 KB)

I would be very happy if you answered me soon, my deadline is near

Hello @Ozlem_Yigit ,

It would be better if you can share the screenshot of the error and the screenshot of the errored activity.


i’m having a hard time with this magazine

thank you @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

So only for this magazine its failing to click ryt…Can you share the selector which you have used here in the click activity.


The selector seems valid. How you are getting the value in the variable strJournalName.
If you are getting it from some file, plz confirm no extra spaces are there while getting this magazine name.

Ypu can check any extra spaces added in the front or end of the magazine name.

Also, if you are searching for a magazine and will it be always a search result or there can be multiple? if only one, i think you dont need to add the innertext in the selector, instead you can add some rowNum or idx to the selector, which may show the position of the search result.

I took it from this site, and I went back to the magazine, looking at the data I took from this site.
I’m getting his magazine information from the Excel file.
There’s no space I’m checking

no, there’s more than one magazine result, but they were good and working right up to this magazine

If its working perfectly for other journals and only for this if its not working, it should be due to the some change in the magazine name which you are passing to the selector.

Plz compare both the values by putting it to a notepad.

Inspect on the webpage and copy the magazine name and copy the name from the excel tempalte which you are using. Compare both.

@Ozlem_Yigit Can you check is the URL same for all the three magzines

Clicked URL? I don’t understand

working magazine

non-working magazine

i didn’t see the difference

@Ozlem_Yigit Can you run it in the debug mode to check what exactly the error giving

it makes a mistakes

@Ozlem_Yigit I guess the problem is with the inner text here. If you see in the screenshot the inner text you were passed was *Journal of health etc… but the bot found the selector with closest matches has a inner text with trdizin@tubietc… That means the inner text might be changing

Can you try using aaname instead of inner text

  • Indicate the element first
  • Open the selector in UiExplorer
  • Make sure you enable aaname into your selector
  • Pass the aaname dynamically through variable (similarly how you do earlier)
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i think i’m doing it wrong. He doesn’t click on any magazines.
i’ve tried everything, it’s just going on this one. He’s hanging out at the same place again.

Hi @Ozlem_Yigit,

Your project is working for me too. All I did was update the packages.You can also try.



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hi @muhammedyuzuak

all up to date :frowning:

thank you


It’s because there are 2 whitespaces between “of” and “health” in html source, and innertexr attribute has them as it is.

So i recommend to use regex selector in this case.


I modified the above and added some tuning, as the following. Can you try this?

TrDizinDetail2.xaml (48.4 KB)