Clicking dropdown with shifting text


I need to click a dropdown button on a website, and I am using the Select Item activity for this.

The button is used for selecting language for the website, and it is possible to select English, Spanish, Chinese and German.

The problem is that the button, when not clicked, can show any of these languages. So when setting the element for the Select Item activity the button may show “Spanish”, and then the robot will click the button and select “English”. But, if the button in the initial stage shows “Spanish” the Select Item activity will fail.

How can I get the Select Item activity to click the button and select “English” independent of the text showing when the dropdown is unopened?

use set text and then click
use find children activity

Hope it helps

Hi @wwls ,
You use select item is correct
but you need create variable with “English”

or you cant use find children


Hey @wwls ,

clear the text in the selectors of select item such that it will get items irrespective of text being displayed

@wwls - You can check and finetune the Selector property of the “English” element in the Click activity. If you can share what the selector value is, we can try to identify how to make it target the English option regardless of the order of items.

Also, sometimes websites use the URL to signify the language change and you can control it from there as much as you can control it from choosing from the dropdown, check if this is the case. An example of this is for English and for German. The language change can be achieved by either changing the URL directly or choosing from the dropdown options.